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Body Harmony is a free flowing programme of movements for well-being and general fitness. It is a low impact form that allows individuals to  adapt the movements to suit their personal needs, even those with disabilities or with physical ailments that would normally prelude  them from participating


This gentle form has already shown that it is beneficial in improving posture, breathing, toning, flexibility, balance, circulation and general well being. It is also a fun and social activity that provides  and encourages community spirit.

Body Harmony is a new concept using traditional  forms of movement to allow the older person to maintain both mental and physical balance....for latest info, pics and videos >

No matter how unfit you think you are, the programme will ensure that you work within your capabilities with gentle encouragement to explore your limits and live your life to its full potential with dignity and self-esteem.

The aims and goals of the programme are to give all a chance to explore the boundaries of personal development and a sense of achievement.


More Information:

Body Harmony classes have been running since 2005 and began as when it was felt that there was nothing for a certain segment of the community. Keith Nicholas an experienced and fully qualified martial artist and the local residents association decided to start a holistic fitness class with its roots in the traditional martial arts.

These classes have proved extremely popular over the years. Unfortunately, from October 2017 the Tuesday session have been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. But, the good new is that we now have a new session held on Fridays at the Ashburton Library in Shirley Road. Since starting in Ashburton library, word has got around and session are now being held in Selsdon and New Addington librarys. I am pleased to say that these sessions are becoming extremely popular and space is running out fast. Please contact the respective library's directly for details of sessions, time and bookings, as they do vary from library to library.

In an effort to rejuvenate the local park and promote community spirit a decision was made to try a free open session of Body harmony. With the support of FOAP (Friends of Ashburton Park), these sessions are now a regular Saturday event and are attracting a lot of interest from the local community. Many are surprised that these sessions are absolutely free and agree that this could promote for a healthier lifestyle. The park sessions are free for men and women of all ages and with the continued support from those who attend we would like to make this a permanent feature for all year round. Body Harmony is encouraging the use of open public spaces to be utilized to its full potential as well as bring the community closer.

Body Harmony is now an established group and has attended several public events to demonstrate the unique, innovative and creative method of exercises.